To play a key role in the development of post war Sri Lanka by being a leading provider of innovative Finance, Investment and Transport Solutions to the community and thereby contribute to the economic growth of the country, with particular emphasis on enabling financial inclusion and equitable wealth creation outside the Western Province, whilst maintaining a focus on building a truly sustainable Triple Bottom Line business.


We will strive to develop relationships with all our stakeholders and build an organization that is based on a foundation of trust, whilst being powered by innovation and driven to excellence in every sphere of our activity. We will offer our customers financial products and services which will help them create wealth and increase their standard of living, whilst:

  • Assisting the unemployed to find livelihoods through self-employment and small to medium scale enterprises.
  • Facilitating the creation of a sustainable agro economy through the provision of transport solutions.
  • Enabling the social well-being of our people.
  • Promoting business practices that respect and enhance the well-being of the earth and the environment.

Our activities will be guided by our business philosophy, which has evolved over five decades and spanning four generations, that has already enabled us to achieve growth by supporting financial inclusion and environmental sustainability.