2015 Annual Report

Alliance Finance Company PLC, the 3rd oldest finance company in Sri Lanka celebrated six decades of successful business operations on 18th July 2016.

Starting from humble beginnings in 1956, AFC has strived over a period of 60 years to strike a perfect balance and harmony between the interests of the multiple stakeholder groups that it represents. With a genuine concern for the well-being of our depositors, hirers, employees and shareholders, we have strived to meet the differing needs and aspirations of each and every one of them.

Achieving this balance over a sustained period of time has made the journey of 60 years a most fulfilling and gratifying one.

As we embody our core values of trust and innovation in an integrated People, Planet, Profit business philosophy, we look forward to maintaining this balance and continuing our journey steadfastly into the future, whilst embracing the exciting challenges and opportunities that await us.

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