Alliance Micro Finance

Alliance Finance Company PLC launched Micro Finance in September 2013 to assist the low income segment of the community to start or to develop their own income generating businesses. Unique customer centric approach adopted by AFC with the belief of upbringing the life standards of the poor focuses on imparting financial and business knowledge so that our customers will be able to run their own sustainable businesses which in turn will create a truly sustainable business at the company level. Furthermore, identifying national needs AFC believes that through its capacity building activities and skills imparting programs customers will gain knowledge and they will develop skills relevant to running a business sustainably.

By way of culture, women depend financially on their spouses. Although this is not seen explicitly in urban areas, it still is the case in most rural areas, where most women are unemployed.
In moving away from poverty, women are considered to be utmost important in the overall development of rural communities, as well as their own families. AFC intends on empowering women meet available economic opportunities through training programs designed especially for them.
Due to the customer centric nature of micro finance business, it is vital to provide innovative solutions in maintaining a strong relationship with customers, as well as in building a wider customer base. In doing so, we intend on providing efficient and customer friendly micro financing solutions to our customers through technology based business solutions.

Our Mission Core Values Our Vision
Up bring the undeserved community of the country to the normal lines of credit with a unique technology based low cost business model by continuously developing the customer, nurturing entrepreneurial skills, knowledge and business acumen through Business and Financial literacy training, sourcing low cost foreign funding, effective communication mechanisms for customer communication and comprehensive staff training programs and thereby creating a large economic force for sustainable development -Respect to Client Efficiency
-Quality Services to the clients
-On time execution
To be the most effective licensed micro finance company in Sri Lanka, by facilitating a higher standard of living for and uplifting the underserved communities, by enabling financial inclusion through our nationwide micro finance business, which will be guided by our unique Triple Bottom Line business philosophy.