AFC celebrates earth hour at Town Hall


Alliance Finance, a leading non-banking financial institution, has yet pledged again to take the Earth Hour beyond 60 minutes by engaging in a unique and innovative project with Colombo Municipal Council. As a part of this unique contribution to the effort of uniting millions of citizens for climate action, Alliance Finance Co. PLC (AFC) on 19 March 2016 at 8:30 pm, extended their support to the Earth Hour cause, staying true to their green pledge by donating energy-efficient LED Bulbs to light up the Vihara Maha Devi Park in Colombo.


Alliance Finance Company (AFC), an active contributor to Earth Hour 2014, launched a unique corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiative this month.Having conceptualised a booklet titled AFC ‘Yuthukam’ (AFC Responsibilities) AFC aims at educating individuals on their obligations towards the environment and society, so they can go beyond the Earth Hour, which is set for March 29, 2014 at 8:30 p.m. local time.The initiative reaffirms AFC’s commitment to the ‘triple bottom line’, as a highly community-conscious entity in the industry.

A Triple Bottom Line initiative with “ Drive Green”

Alliance Finance, in 2012 launched a project to provide gas powered three wheelers to unemployed individuals without the standard requirement of a down payment, in order to enable them earn a much needed income by hiring them as metered taxies. Air pollution caused by fuel powered three wheelers is high and more so in the case of the two stroke engines. The company took on the task of conversion of three wheelers into gas powered ones, thus incorporating two significant impacts; that of reducing the carbon foot print, and of enabling higher profits for the drivers/owners by substituting fuel with the much less costly alternative of gas. The environmental benefits of the gas powered three wheelers are significant in a country such as Sri Lanka in which three wheelers are a popular and vital source of transportation on congested roads, as well as a livelihood for many. These three Wheelers painted in Yellow and Green can be easily identified on the streets, and those who use these three wheelers will be empowering disadvantaged sections of our society whilst also contributing to saving the environment by reducing emissions of harmful gases.

The Pana mure Elephant Museum

In 2012, Alliance Finance contributed to construct a museum dedicated to the famous Panamure Atha (Elephant) and the legend that revolves around him, in Embilipitiya. The project, begun with a suggestion made by the local priest, is aimed at preserving historical and local knowledge for future generations who would otherwise know very little. Similarly, the company plans to set aside a percentage of earnings at each of its branches to support projects that benefit the people in the respective areas, thus fostering a sense of pride and ownership of their locality and a feeling of camaraderie amongst the residents; whilst also facilitating the company’s integration into these communities.

A tree for a lease

Alliance Finance company makes a firm resolve to negate its Carbon Footprint

In keeping with the company's 'Triple Bottom Line' principle, Alliance Finance Co PLC (AFC) launched a new initiative which seeks to negate the ill effects of harmful emissions from motor vehicles that impact the environment. AFC which is a dominant player in the non-banking financial services sector has pledged to plant a tree for every lease issued for a motor vehicle, further strengthening the company`s commitment to the company`s business ethos of being mindful of 'People, Planet and Profit'.

Alliance Finance Makes a "Green Pledge"

Alliance Finance has pledged to take the Earth Hour beyond the 60 minutes, by engaging the youth of Sri Lanks through a unique and innovative project. As a token of our commitment to go beyond the official earth hour, AFC has taken upon itself to make a sustainable pledge to help preserve the planet through the AFC green Pledge.