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Savings Calculator

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The calculations that are preformed are not for official use. Updated rates and values should be used when using this tool.


A rewarding way to earn higher interest rates with the convenience of being able to withdraw your savings at any given time. Alliance Finance provides the added convenience of enabling customers to grow their saving automatically by linking Fixed Deposits with Savings Account. Monthly interest on Fixed Deposits can automatically be transferred and saved to your "Alliance Savings" account. The Savings Account interest is calculated on a daily basis and credited to your account on a monthly basis.

We offer a range of savings products with above market interest rates. These savings schemes also come with added benefits such as :

  • Discounts at selected establishments
  • Rewards of special rates for lending products through our Loyalty programme


DOWNLOAD Individuals and Jt.Depositors Savings Application

DOWNLOAD AFC Hapannu (English) Savings Application

DOWNLOAD AFC Hapannu (Sinhala) Savings Application

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