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AFC branch sustainability projects in a new initiative that was introduced for the year 2020/21. Under this initiative, all the 77 branches in operation across the island will be given the task to undertake a sustainability project/s which will have significant outcomes that contribute towards environmental and social wellbeing.

Each branch gets an allocation based on their profit to undertake projects and they are expected to come up with a plan that will be executed in a given time period, generating desired outcomes.

The main objective of this initiative is to build sustainability awareness and awaken the environmental and social consciousness in the hearts and minds of AFC staff. We believe that it will also increase the sustainability footprint of the company across the island, creating a value beyond economic empowerment we have triggered through our business. We also expect that these projects will benefit the communities that we are serving whilst creating a greater contribution towards the UN sustainable development goals, which the AFC is driven by. The ultimate goal of AFC is to make the world a better place and we will plan, execute and manage these projects to make it a reality at the highest terms.

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