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Agriculture Loans

In keeping with AFC’s priority of expanding the role it plays in the national economy and its contribution to People Profit and the Planet, funding solutions for Agriculture are specifically designed to support Climate Smart Agriculture and Agri Value Chain activity. AFC’s agriculture-related funding includes funding of irrigation infrastructure development, technology, technical equipment, and machinery as well as working capital requirements where feasible.

AFC also adds value to this product by providing technical know-how on improved farm management and farming techniques in collaboration with several government agencies and other technical resources. In addition to financial empowerment, these loans are also aimed at promoting environmentally friendly agronomic practices, reducing pollution, increasing harvests and land productivity through climate-smart irrigation and high-tech field machinery use.

The Benefits

  • Attractive leasing facilities for Tractors , Hand tractors , Harvester Machines and other agri machinery
  • Flexible repayment plans – Customers can decide the installment method based on their seasonal income
  • Loan facilities for Solar Emergency Light , Hand Weeder , Farmer Safety Kit , Moisture Indicator and Mulching sheets

Eligibility and Other Info

  • An agricultural venture that has a clear contribution to the economy
  • Clear CRIB
  • Less vulnerability to adverse weather conditions
  • Ability to provie acceptable security

Alliance Finance Flexible Lease Payment Options Include

  • Equal Installment Schedule Basis Payments.
  • Step Up Installment Schedule Basis Payments.
  • Step Down Installment Schedule Basis Payments.
  • Balloon Installment Schedule Basis Payments.

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Please note that due to rapidly fluctuating Interest Rates in the market, the Interest Rates are subject to change without notice and may not be the same on the date of Renewal. Kindly contact us on Marketing Hotline No: 1321 for current Interest Rates. ​

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