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Climate Finance

Climate Smart Irrigation Loan: Enhances water use efficiency and crop productivity through advanced irrigation techniques like sprinkler systems, drip irrigation, and solar-powered watering, aiming to mitigate climate-related risks.

Dairy Development Loans: Supports the Dairy MSME sector by providing financial and technical assistance for small and medium dairy farming technology and productivity improvement, and thereby improving rural farmer income and living standards while incorporating sustainable climate adaptation practices.

Cinnamon Cultivators’ Loan: Aids cinnamon cultivators in expanding cultivation, increasing productivity with better machinery, and improved practices, bolstering a vital export industry.

Tea Cultivators Loan: Finances small-scale tea farmers to extend cultivation areas, adopt soil conservation techniques, and buy necessary agricultural inputs, promoting sustainable development.

Green Energy/Solar Loan: Facilitates the use of solar energy by connecting borrowers with solution providers, reducing carbon emissions and addressing energy needs efficiently.

The Benefits

  • Attractive leasing facilities for rooftop solar pv
    systems to encourage use of renewable energy sources
  • Minimize fossil fuel burning and reduce GHG emissions
  • Dairy farming
  • Cinnamon and tea cultivations to improve water use efficiency and yield in order to uplift the livelihood of farming communities

Eligibility and Other Info

  • Clear CRIB
  • Involve in farming
  • Ability to provide acceptable security
  • Ability to adopt modern farming practices

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