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Business Philosophy

AFC’s Sustainable Business Strategy

Reflecting a value which has been intrinsic to the Group and its ethos – of making a positive impact on all our stakeholders and the planet, AFC has extended its commitment by setting itself a set of high impact goals to uplift people, the nation and the planet. The goals and initiatives also reflect long term envisioning with specific action today and tomorrow to meet those objectives. We have hence, also aligned our value creation strategy by embedding it with sustainability principles to meet these goals.

AFC Purpose Statement

“Make the world a better
place through Sustainable Finance

Measuring the High-Impact Goals

Lead the transition towards Sustainable Mobility Solutions

By providing vehicle leasing services, we contribute to sustainable mobility solutions, encouraging the use of eco-friendly vehicles and minimizing carbon footprints. This aligns with environmental sustainability goals while meeting the growing demand for efficient, green transportation options.

Drive financial inclusion

Gold loans, saving deposits, and gold investments play a crucial role in promoting financial inclusion across diverse economic segments. Gold loans offer accessible credit to underserved populations while saving deposits empower individuals to build financial resilience. Gold investments provide an alternative asset class, fostering inclusivity in wealth creation and diversification.

Promote MSME development

Our machinery equipment, and property financing options support MSME development by facilitating the acquisition of essential assets for business growth. This not only fuels economic sustainability but also contributes to job creation and local economic development. Our focus on climate financing ensures that MSMEs adopt environmentally friendly practices, promoting long-term sustainability and resilience.

SDG Value Creation

We have pledged our commitment to achieve Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in 2017 by signing the Karlsruhe Resolution at the Sustainable Finance Conference in Karlsruhe, Germany. During the past few years since passed, our Purpose, High Impact Goals, Strategies, business functions, and roles of employees have been aligned with relevant SDGs in a manner that can enable AFC to fulfill our pledge. We practice the 5P approach of sustainable development to implement, monitor, and assess our contributing activities.


  • Financial solutions for income generation activities
  • Outreach in rural and marginalized areas
  • Investments in Agriculture sector
  • Female customers supported
  • Female cadre in AFC


  • AFC ‘Thuru Mithuru” – 1mn trees for Unity project
  • AFC carbon footprint
  • Biodiversity conservation and ecosystem restoration –Conservation areas.

Prosperity (Profit)

  • Value created for key stakeholders
  • Outreach outside Western province
  • Lending to customers
  • Points of presence
  • Taxes paid
  • Investment on CSR initiatives
  • External and internal trainings to employees


  • Network Partners
  • Memberships in associations
  • Funding partners/ Impact investors


  • Initiatives promoting peace and harmony
  • Responsible and inclusive financial services

Sustainability Certification

Establishing New Sustainability Benchmarks for the Industry

Our commitment to a Triple Bottom Line Value Creation strategy has also spurred us to seek international accreditations and reach higher to meet new benchmarks, whilst also establishing new benchmarks for the entire industry in Sri Lanka and the region.

AFC was accepted into the pioneering Sustainability Standards and Certification Initiative (SSCI) in 2018, considering the decade-long contribution, commitment, and passion towards sustainability. The company adopted the principles dictated by the standard to upgrade the sustainability mandate to build up AFC as a true value-driven financial institution. As a result of a process that entailed integration of sustainability principles to every level of business from governance to product portfolio and human resource management, AFC became the First Non-Bank Financial Institution in South Asia to become a holistic sustainability-certified value-driven financial institution, under SSCI in 2020.

SSCI Certification is the world’s first measurable and certifiable standard for social and environmental sustainability for the Banking and Finance industry, offered by the International Council of Sustainability Standards for Value-Driven Financial Institutions; chaired by the European Organization for Sustainable Development
(EOSD), in partnership with the Association of Development Financing Institutions in Asia and the Pacific (ADFIAP) and the Association for African Development Finance Institutions (AADFI).

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