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Speed Cash

Our Speed cash solution entitles you to obtain a temporary loan against your vehicle registration book. A flexible solution which allows the customer to fulfill a temporary need for capital and pay only the interest in installments for the period of the loan and the capital is paid only with the final installment pay the capital at the end. A customer who wishes to make a bulk payment during its tenor could also do so and reschedule his or loan.

The Benefits

  • Quick loan against your vehicle registration book
  • Pay only the interest in installments
  • Make a bulk payment during its tenor
  • No LTV applicable if it is your own vehicle

Eligibility and Other Info

  • Must posses original vehicle registration book
  • Only available to Sri Lankan citizens
  • Vehicle ownership must be under applicant

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Please note that due to rapidly fluctuating Interest Rates in the market, the Interest Rates are subject to change without notice and may not be the same on the date of Renewal. Kindly contact us on Marketing Hotline No: 1321 for current Interest Rates. ​

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