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AFC’s Uniquely Differentiated Sustainable Business Model

With our purpose to “Make the World A Better Place through Sustainable Financing” AFC has carved for itself a uniquely differentiated business model in the Financial Services Sector of Sri Lanka; having integrated Financial, Social and Environmental sustainability long before the term “Sustainability” became an international buzz word. Institutionalising the values of its founders formally in 2012 by embracing the Triple Bottom Line approach, AFC has been aligning itself with an integrated sustainability philosophy for over a decade. During these years we have undertaken many initiatives, going beyond the general frame of CSR to integrate the essence of sustainability into the business practices, roles and responsibilities of the departments and staff members as well. At AFC, we believe that sustainability has to be an integral part of all business functions, from inputs, internal processes, customer engagement to outcomes. Thus, in 2018 we revised our corporate strategy to incorporate sustainability into it, by adopting a new purpose statement and high impact goals to drive us. We have set our standards in line with the international sustainability best practices by obtaining the Sustainability Standards and Certification Initiative accreditation in 2020, gearing ourselves to realise our purpose and high impact goals.

For AFC, it is about creating value to make a positive impact on all its stakeholders – it is about doing its part and more to create economic inclusivity and reduce socio economic disparities, and about contributing to the nation’s macro economic progress. It is also about conserving the environment and contributing to the wider objectives of facilitating peace, unity and inclusive partnerships in the nation.


Hill Country Leopard Conservation Project

AFC has joined hands with the Wilderness and Wildlife Conservation Trust, founded by Dr. Andrew Kittle and Anjali Watson – veteran conservationists and leopard specialists, as their financing partner for the Peak Ridge Forest Corridor Project. The objective of this collaboration is to help protect the hill country leopards and minimise human–leopard encounters, whilst restoring the eco-system of the selected area in the central hills of Sri Lanka.

Recent Events

Establishing New Sustainability Benchmarks For The Industry

Benchmarking sustainable financing in Sri Lanka and the region, Alliance Finance Company PLC became the first finance company in South Asia to achieve the prestigious status of being a holistic sustainability certified financial institution by adopting a pioneering global Sustainability Standard and Certification Initiative (SSCI) recently.

The SSCI is the first global standard for financial institutions encompassing a framework for the holistic integration of social and environmental sustainability, and to drive innovation within the organisational structure ensuring long-term benefits. It enables institutions to create new income streams and opportunities for mobilising funds to finance businesses and projects that create meaningful social and environmental impacts. This certification will ensure that the work and strategies of Alliance Finance Company PLC are compatible with the Global UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and national development agendas.

Sustainability Certification

Acceptance Funding Certificate 4.0

Sustainability standards and certification

2019 Sustainability Leader of the Year, Merit Award

Sri Lanka’s Best Employer Brand Awards 2016

Proactive Sustainability

Biodiversity Conservation and Ecosystem Restoration

Social Entrepreneur Empowerment

AFC Gas Converted Tuks

AFC Organic Vegetables

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