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Alliance Finance Company (AFC), a distinguished finance institution committed to sustainable financing, has achieved a momentous milestone by securing the coveted title of ‘Green Brand of the Year’ at the esteemed SLIM Brand Excellence Awards 2023.

This valued accolade stands as a resounding tribute to AFC’s steadfast dedication to driving environmentally and socially sustainable development initiatives throughout Sri Lanka.

The SLIM Brand Excellence Awards, recognised as a pinnacle of excellence in the realm of branding and corporate initiatives, has bestowed this esteemed honour upon AFC for its unwavering commitment to its triple bottom line business philosophy, significantly emphasising its environmental, social, and financial impact.

AFC said the win is a testament to its steadfast pledge towards revolutionising the finance industry by placing sustainability at the forefront of its operations.

Deputy Chairman and Managing Director Romani de Silva said: “It’s a tremendous honour for AFC to be acknowledged as the ‘Green Brand of the Year’ by SLIM Brand Excellence Awards. This recognition further underscores our firm resolve and dedication towards integrating sustainability into every facet of our organisational ethos.”

The award not only reaffirms AFC’s persistent pursuit of environmentally conscious practices but also underscores its untiring commitment to social responsibility initiatives. AFC has been spearheading sustainability efforts by promoting green finance with examples such as allocating 50 trees for every fossil fuel vehicle leased through the company, advocating for eco-friendly projects like the AFC ‘Hapannu’ Forest which is a forest created by children and dedicated to the future children of Sri Lanka, through its Children’s Saving Account, where one tree is planted for every account opened, and actively contributing to the welfare of communities through various CSR activities across the country. The company’s 87 strong branch network actively participates in environmental and social sustainability projects throughout the year, living its commitment towards a greener future.

“Our dedication to sustainable development remains steadfast. This accolade serves as a catalyst, propelling us to further embed green principles into our operations, ensuring a more sustainable and eco-friendly future for Sri Lanka,” added de Silva.

AFC’s remarkable achievement at the SLIM Brand Excellence Awards 2023 solidifies its position as a prominent advocate for responsible and impactful business practices.


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