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Alliance Finance Company PLC, Sri Lanka’s pioneering triple bottom-line financial solutions provider, proudly received the prestigious Bronze Award at the CA Sri Lanka TAGS Awards 2023. The ceremony took place at Shangri-La, Colombo on December 12, 2023. The company’s Annual Report for the fiscal year 2022/23 secured the Bronze Award in the NBFI category, specifically for organizations with Total Group Assets exceeding LKR 20 billion.

This esteemed accolade reaffirms Alliance Finance Company’s unwavering dedication to upholding elevated standards of social and environmental responsibility, accountability, and transparency in financial reporting. The recognition is indicative of the company’s consistent success on both national and global platforms.

Since its establishment in 1959, CA Sri Lanka has orchestrated the TAGS Award 2023, a distinguished corporate event widely recognized across diverse business sectors in the country. This year’s TAGS Awards mark a pivotal moment as CA Sri Lanka has undertaken the initiative to revitalize and rebrand the Annual Report Awards, ushering in a new era in corporate reporting within the country. Over 130 organizations, spanning large conglomerates, multinational corporations, small and medium enterprises, and non-profit organizations, underwent thorough assessments based on stringent criteria that go beyond mere compliance.

The 67th Integrated Annual Report, themed “Powering Socio-economic Revival,” serves as a comprehensive reflection of the company’s strategic focus. Alliance Finance Company’s mission revolves around expanding its brand through cutting-edge digital methods while remaining steadfast to the principles of holistic sustainability. This recognition attests to the company’s commitment to excellence and its proactive role in contributing to the broader socio-economic landscape.

Founded in 1956, AFC has emerged as a distinguished Non-Bank Financial Institution in Sri Lanka and a market leader and proponent in sustainable finance. The shares of the Company were listed in the Colombo Brokers Association in 1959, predating the establishment of the Colombo Stock Exchange. With a storied history and as the oldest NBFI in Sri Lanka, Alliance Finance Company remains a pivotal entity in the financial sector of the country, epitomizing a legacy characterized by pioneering innovations and unwavering reliability.

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