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AFC combined all three facets of a Triple Bottom Line with the launch of a LPG powered three wheeler as an innovative transport solution and a much needed alternative to environmentally harmful modes of transport. AFC, in partnership with Vialle (a global leader in alternate fuel solutions for transport with expertise in Autogas based in Netherlands) has developed an efficient mechanism to convert petrol Tuk Tuks to run on LPG. It is estimated that gas fueled vehicles reduce approximately 10% of CO2 and 30-40% of other hazardous gases including CO, NOx and Hydrocarbons.

Opening this unique opportunity to our potential customers, AFC has opened our 1st ever AFC gas station for the gas converted three wheelers on February 2020, day at the historical town of Anuradhapura. Our target is to convert 200,000 vehicles in the market by 2025, which will reduce over 96,000 metric tons of CO2 and a considerable amount of other hazardous gas emission to the atmosphere. This conversion is around 20% of the total three-wheeler vehicles of the country. In addition to empowering the economically disadvantaged individuals by providing three wheelers converted by us, it will also provide a cost advantage to customers due to the lower cost of LPG. Those who patronize this service, in addition to helping the economically disadvantaged would also be contributing to saving the environment from harmful emissions, thereby contributing to reduce the carbon footprint of the country.

This project is a key contributor to AFC’s high impact goal aiming at reducing the national carbon footprint of Sri Lanka by 118,000 CO2Mt by 2025.

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