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Alliance Finance Company PLC (AFC) is the second oldest finance company in Sri Lanka whose business philosophy is guided by triple bottom line principles focusing on People, Planet and Profit whilst meeting local and international sustainable development priorities. AFC has been built on a solid foundation of trust possessing an unblemished track record for ethical business practices in Sri Lanka over six decades.

In helping with its efforts to integrate an environmental focus into its core business of leasing, AFC collaborated Lions’ Club International, District 306 B1 in 2019 providing RDA with 40,000 plants for the selected stretches alongside the Southern and Kaduwela Expressways. This year AFC again had the opportunity to be a partner of “The Green Expressway” program of RDA, where they seek to plant 100,000 more saplings alongside the current and proposed expressways. RDA with its passionate team is an ideally equipped partner capable of making a positive contribution to this joint endeavor.

These plants are supplied by Mr. Jayantha from Thuru Viyana, a successful social entrepreneur who emerged from the pioneering Ath Pavura Program, whose business is now supported by AFC as a social enterprise invested through its foundation.

With the 50.000 plants donated during the year, the total number of trees planted alongside the expressways by AFC amount to 90,000; which will absorb around 1,980MTs of CO2 annually. In addition to CO2 absorption, this program also creates a buffer for reduction of emissions over the environment. It will also create an element of visual beauty for all travellers using the expressway, when passing through this green belt. This initiative would add a further impetus to our One Million Trees for Unity project, where we have pledged to plant one million trees across the island by 2023.

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